How to prevent cotton trousers from shrinking?

Cotton has existed for hundreds of years and has been worn since ancient times. Today, it has been woven, dyed and sewn into a variety of goods. This natural fiber is used to make jeans, towels, curtains, dresses, etc. It can also be mixed with other materials to make fabrics, such as polyester. Cotton is also used in other products, from paper to coffee filters. One of the problems with cotton clothing is that it tends to shrink. The following is how to prevent cotton pants shrinkage method, quick and small make up together to understand it.
   read the care label to see if cotton padded pants need special care. Some manufacturers may recommend hand or dry cleaning of cotton trousers. Read the instructions to see if you need special attention.
   wash the cotton padded trousers in the washing machine with cold water. Warm and hot water may cause shrinkage. Use neutral detergents that are mild to the fabric, such as wool and cotton.
   at the end of the cycle, remove the cotton trousers from the washing machine. Shake the pants to help remove wrinkles and hang them on the clothes rack. Don't put them in the dryer because heat shrinks the fibers. Don't hang them in the sun, because the heat of the sun will shrink the clothes. Let the cotton trousers air dry on the clothes rack.


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