What are the advantages of T / C work clothes?

No matter what kind of clothes are woven with different fabrics, different clothes will use different fabrics, but the work clothes are usually made of polyester cotton fabric, because the work clothes are worn in the work, so it is inevitable to wear them at work. Polyester cotton fabric is characterized by wear resistance. If you take comfort into account, then cotton will certainly be better.
   which fabric to use at work depends on these industries. If it is worn by front-line workers, the clothes will often rub with other things during work. It is recommended to choose polyester cotton fabric, which is more durable. The advantages of T / C work clothes are wear-resistant, straight, smooth, no shrinkage, no deformation, no wrinkle, fast drying and so on.
                     . Then, we should choose which kind of fabric, combined with the characteristics of the industry, price budget and other comprehensive consideration, in any case, there is no unified standard, the right is better.


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