Guide to fabric selection

In the sewing project, choosing fabric for the project is one of the most important steps. Therefore, choosing the wrong fabric may mean a very unsuccessful project! Fortunately, there are usually several "right" fabric choices for any pattern.
   do you have any designs?
   in class, I always tell students to stick to the fabric required by your pattern, because the designer is more clear. The fabrics listed will have complementary features (weight, elasticity and drape) to the pattern design. Therefore, choosing different fabrics can greatly change the appearance of the finished product.
   find the right fabric
   most fabric stores separate home fabrics from fashion fabrics. Among these parameters, you will find that it is further subdivided by structural content, designer and purpose. If in doubt, ask for help. If you can't find a store employee, don't be afraid to ask another shopper. Also, check the label on the fabric.


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