How to choose fabric in garment production?

All aspects of fabric selection
   fabrics used in garment manufacturing can be divided into two categories: properties and characteristics. Attributes are static physical dimensions, such as yards per pound; on the contrary, their characteristics are the response of the fabric when the force is applied. Elongation, elasticity, shrinkage and joint strength are examples of properties. These are measures of dynamic conditional response. Characteristics are physical or chemical changes caused by external forces on the fabric.
   general consideration of garment fabrics
   clothing manufacturers are mainly interested in the characteristics of face materials. Although fabric properties are related to fabric properties, fabric properties have no significance for garment production unless it controls the fabric properties or cost factors that are critical to it, or unless the property itself (such as thickness or weight) has a definite purpose or style value, garment manufacturers are not interested in fabric properties. There are three views on fabric selection
   * consumer's point of view
   * fabric manufacturer's point of view
   * the view of garment manufacturers
   consumers are only interested in the appearance and wear resistance of the fabric. In terms of durability, practicality and style values, garment manufacturers are interested in the working characteristics of fabrics in garment production, that is, the cost of producing a given garment with fabrics. If a clothing manufacturer is a wholesaler or manufacturer that sells clothing directly or indirectly to consumers, then he will also be interested in all consumer values. If the clothing manufacturer is a contractor, his interest is only in the production cost of the working characteristics. The same is true for fabric manufacturers. If he makes cloth for clothing manufacturing, he must consider the characteristics of clothing production. However, if fabric manufacturers produce fabrics for counter retail, it is not necessary to consider whether their working characteristics are sufficient to produce clothing with industrial equipment and methods.

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